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What is Gynecomastia or Man Breasts

A recent study refers to Gynecomastia as enlargement of the male breast, caused by increase in glandular tissue and deposition of fat.Man boobs or Moobs can occur adolescents, adults and even in old age. They give the appearance of a fully developed female breast on a man.

Tantrum Marketing & Consulting LtdHow to Get Rid of Man Boobs

There are a great number of ways to help you reduce your man boobs, from the simple and painless to expensive gynecomastia surgery. I would outline 6 strategies for man breasts reduction.

1.   Prescription drugs

Medical use of some drugs could cause man boobs as a side effect. Discuss the drugs you are taking with your doctor or pharmacist, if one of them is implicated, you could consider asking for an alternative then follow it up with exercises. This must be based on medical risk assessment based.There is no point going off your medications and dying a while later with a perfect manly chest.

2.  Herbal Supplements

A number of Herbal drugs reduce man breasts. They work by promoting fat loss especially in the chest area.These drugs have been shown to be effective and you should consider them if tumors and other pathologies have been ruled out as the cause of your man boobs.They mostly contain all- natural ingredients and could be combined with an exercise regimen for a double pronged attack.

3.  Exercise and Weight Loss

Body Fat and testosterone often act in a cyclical manner. The level of testosterone is usually inversely related to the amount of body fat you have. As your body fat rises, testosterone level falls. The androgen often counteracts the effect of estrogens which increases body fat.

Exercises, especially a cardiovascular elliptical  exercise regimen promote fat loss and increase your testosterone level. With proper exercise and weight loss, a reduction in the man breasts follows naturally. Targeted exercises must be included to avoid flabby residual moobs.

4.  Weight Loss (or more specifically Fat Loss)

The only ways to get rid of man breasts that does not involve fat loss are Liposuction  and Gynecomastia Plastic Surgery. There are numerous ways to achieve weight loss ranging from exercises to healthy diet choices. The good thing is that in the bid to reduce the man breasts, you’ll get healthier overall.

5.  Alcohol Intake

Alcohol increases body fat ( most pronounced on the chest and abdomen) and reduces testosterone levels which leads to sustained weight gain. Reducing your alcohol intake will help reduce the man boobs. Alcohol interferes with the hormones and may lead to the development of other diseases. Reduce intake and assess the effect on your body weight and moobs.

6.  Gynecomastia Surgery and Liposuction

This is plastic surgery and is the quickest but most risky, expensive and painful way to get rid of body fat, moobs included. It is better to try weight loss, diet, medication changes, exercise, natural herbal supplements and other strategies outlines before attempting surgery. The doctor may also prescribe some hormonal drugs as an adjunct.

What causes Man Boobs

Man Boobs can be caused by a number of factors. The most common is excessive body fat. It is rare to see an overweight man without moobs. the appearance of breasts on a man is undesirable for most people and there is help available to reduce man boobs.

Gynecomastia could arise due to an imbalance in hormones. If the ratio of estrogen to androgens is too high, secondary female characteristics aka breasts may develop. This is usually the case with teenage man boobs at that period in life hormonal fluctuations occur.

Endocrine tumors could lead to man boobs, so see a physician to rule out cancers or other pathological conditions.

Prescription drugs like Digoxin, Aldactone and Furosemide cause moobs in as many as 5% of male patients.

One of the most ironic and overlooked causes of man boobs is exercise. Excessive unregimented exercise especially programs that include protein supplements could lead to man breasts. It is ironic because focused exercise helps reduce man boobs

Man boobs are the usual term used for a condition called Gynecomastia.